Shooting time to preserve a moment we can only revisit through a photograph.

Shania Jayawardena

A Little About Me.

My name is Shania Jayawardena and I welcome you with open arms to my photography portfolio! 

I am a current student at the University of Warwick studying film studies. It brings me great pleasure to announce I have recently started my own photography business called, 'JS Rachel Photography' ltd. The meaning behind the name of my company is just as meaningful and joyful as the photographs I capture through my camera. The photographs that I have taken hide cherished stories of our earth, show everlasting memories of past events and burst with emotions deflected by people featured. All of which can be revealed to you, if you look close enough!

My long term goal is to produce documentaries that can have a positive impact on our societies, encouraging us to do the greater good. However, although that dream may seem light years away, I have decided to focus on photography and sharing my photographs in hope it will motivate people to go out and capture beautiful imagery of their own. 

Currently I am working on event photography, mostly targeting society events at the University of Warwick. If this is what has brought you to my portfolio then I hope you enjoy my photography work and choose me as your future photographer.

Many thanks, 

Shania Jayawardena.

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